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Shipping & Delivery

Returns Policy|

An order cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been confirmed.
<Exceptions will be made for areas where packages cannot be received due COVID-19>
Unless a customer receives a damaged product (eg. breakage, water damage, or other serious defects), no returns will be accepted, thank you for understanding.

For matters related to exchange of a faulty product, please contact and attach a picture of the damaged product.

Please label the subject line as: CTcos Order <product name> Damaged Goods, and staff will respond as soon as possible.




<Checkout > Taiwan only
<Paypal> Overseas orders only

All orders placed will be shipped from Taiwan within a month of order date.
Delivery time will vary based on the destination country or region, arrival will be between 10-30 business days.
Please refer to the estimated delivery time given based on your country/region when placing an order.

A shipping confirmation email will be sent when your order ships out.
Please be aware packages may be returned due to <personal circumstances>.
An order may be shipped again if returned, however the customer will need to pay both the new shipping fee as well as the return shipping fee.
[Note]: <personal circumstances> means the package was returned if not picked up.

  • Will the photobook be signed?
    Yes, a signature will be included. 會,均含簽名
  • Have questions?
    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the email Please clearly indicate your question/issue in the email subject line, as shown: Please do not send messages related to orders to the social media accounts of Tsun (越尊), Chihiro (千尋) , ChihiroSama (千爺), including fan pages on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc.No reply will be given to messages sent in this way. Please email all order related matters, so that they can be resolved by CTcos. 如有訂購上的任何問題請直接e-mail至 並於主旨清楚標示:詢問CTcos通販OOO問題 任何與通販無關事項,將不會回覆 關於訂單的問題請勿直接用社群軟體聯繫 越尊、千尋、千爺的個人頁面,將不會進行回覆。 請email來信,會由CTcos平台直接為您處理。
  • What is the charging currency of this site?
    Prices are listed in US Dollars (USD) and transactions on this site will be processed in USD. 本站收費貨幣一律為美金計價。
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